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Find the Right Assessment for Your Team

  • Learn more effective ways to communicate and problem solve based on your personality type
  • Find out your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn ways to get along better with others in your workplace
  • Improve your satisfaction at work. Get a list of suggestions how to match your personality preference with your work environment
  • Learn how to contribute at your organization including your leadership style, preferred method of communicating and your problem solving style
  • Become a better team leader

  • Learn to understand your behavior and the behavior of others in your organization
  • Improve your work relationship
  • Increase job satisfaction and productivity
  • Learn new ways to achieve personal and organizational goals
  • Learn about your communication style and how your style helps you and possibly hurts you 

  • Compare yourself to executives and managers
  • Improve your work performance
  • Compare yourself to leaders in Self-Management, Organizational Capabilities, Teamwork and Team Building, Problem Solving & Vision
  • Understand your preferences, attitudes, and behaviors better, to build on your strengths and work on areas where you need improvement
  • Find out if you have influence, creativity, resilience & self confidence
  • Get personal action steps to help you improve yourself

  • Learn your conflict management style
  • Find out your strengths and weaknesses in conflict
  • Learn new ways to handle conflicts
  • Become more effective at work and relationships
  • Help people in conflict resolve their differences

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