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Strong® Interest Inventory

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I am a high school student who needs help with:

• College & the right major for mejhgj
• Finding the best work environmentj for me jhghkjhkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkmmmmjjj
• Deciding if my career path shouldjj include collegemmmmmjmmmm

I am a college student who
needs help with:

• Finding my majormmmmmmmmmjj
• Career paths that are the best fitjjjjjj for mejmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
• Internships and campus activities Ij should partake in during collegejjjj

I am a professional who
needs help with:

• Finding a fulfilling careermmmmmjj
• Knowing what environments I work best inmmmmmmmmmmmmmmj
• Changing my career pathmmmmm
• Re-entering the work forcemmmjjl

Why Should I Take This Assessment?

  • Get a list of occupations
    that fit you best

  • Save job search time once
    you have a list of your
    top ranking jobs

  • Rigorous scientific research giving you intricate
    and accurate results

  • In-depth information
    about each job

  • Reflects relevant
    job opportunities

  • Required one on one feedback session with an expert

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The Strong instrument’s reliability and proven track record were reasons for [us choosing to us it], along with its suitability for the students.

Patricia Calyniuk, BA, B.Ed, BSW, MSW, RSW